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7 Most Useful Content Marketing Tactics

content marketing, content creation, content marketing tactics

Content Marketing is a marketing approach aimed at promoting content such as images, blog posts, info-graphics, etc., to reach out to your target audience.

It involves the creation and positioning of creative content at the right places for the right audience.


Scope of Content Marketing

You might have come across people who believe content marketing is limited to just written content like writing website content, blog posts and articles, catchy captions etc.

It’s is a great misconception. The roots of excellent content marketing extend beyond that.

content marketing, content marketing tactics

Types of Content Creation includes 

  • Blogging
  • Info-graphic content marketing 
  • Social media content optimization
  • Video marketing
  • Curating eBooks
  • Email content
  • Podcast content marketing etc.


Content Marketing Tactics and Tips


1. Experiment through conducting A/B Testing

If you have even the slightest idea of SEO, you probably know what ab testing is. 

For newbies: A/B testing is nothing but strategic experimentation of 2 variants to check which one works better for you.

content marketing, content creation, content marketing tactics

Content marketing strategies are difficult to justify with a set of few ground rules. So instead, it’s a continuous process of exploring areas and experimenting with a variety of strategies to land on the one that suits your purpose.

With ab testing, you can analyze what kind of content your audience is most interested in conduct follow-ups accordingly. 


2. Prioritize Informational Content over Plain Promotional Content

We understand that you might disagree with this perception and state that the sole purpose of creating content is to promote your brand.

That is true but only to a certain extent. 

With changing mindsets and dynamics, people are attracted to content that serves purposes and enlightens them with some knowledge.

With catchy content, you might to able to gain attention, but that success is only short-lived.

Unless you make your content useful, helpful, reliable, worthwhile and informational, your audience will divert to those who provide them thee.

So along with making content greatly attractive, always add some value to it.


3. Follow the Trends 

With a billion people using the internet daily, acknowledge that trends do matter.

content marketing, content creation, content marketing tactics

Following the trends is likely to sound mainstream to you if you are not someone who believes in it, but according to surveys, it surely can get you some attention, 

Content marketing trends like using more visual content in the form of videos, webinars, infographics etc., can skyrocket your metrics and social traffic.


4. Never Forget Keywords

Creating content for your brand without using appropriate keywords is like a fish without water; dead.

The first step to optimize content for SEO is keyword research. You have to choose some specific and targeted keywords for your content to be seen by your target audience.

Another common mistake that needs to be considered is sticking to one keyword. Even though its the first step of digital marketing and content marketing, it has to be continually monitored for your content to stand out and be distinctive.

Aim to choose long-tail keywords as they narrow down the subject and make your content easier to find.


5. Inspect your Competitor’s Practices

Analyzing and scanning your competitor’s strategies is a healthy way to perform better.

Evaluating competition is advantageous as you can find what they lack, and their weak areas will help you find a competitive edge.

Look out for the topics where you can perform much better and leverage them in the best way possible.

Also, another plus point of analyzing competitors for content marketing is that you might find something that you have been missing out on.


6. Stick to your Brand’s Purpose

There is a lot of content that is worthy of being considered. In this process, diversion is possible and natural.

Ensure that while creating content, your business’s main motive and goals are kept in check.

content marketing, content creation, content marketing tactics

Your content should always be the voice of your brand. It should be purposeful, reflect your brand’s objectives, provide informational content, and answer questions related to your respective sphere.  


7. Promote your Content

It might sound silly to say that you have to promote your content after creating content because its obvious. But there are businesses out there with high-class content available, but they fail to promote it in the right manner.

Here comes the main idea of content marketing: promoting your content.

There are various ways of formulating content promotion strategies.

Some of which are: leverage social media, engaging with your audience, sending emails, connecting with influencers, paid promotions etc.

And like discussed earlier, try ab testing for these ways till you find out which promotional medium gives you the best results.


Signing Off 

Content marketing can get overwhelming because its a vicious cycle of researching, creating and promoting content, waiting for results and then back to researching for new ideas. 

With the right and consistent content, this process will yield a significant outcome.


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