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9 Key Questions To Ask Clients Before You Start Designing Process

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To make the designing process more manageable, you should invest more time and effort in the research and discovery phase.

Without setting aside the effort to acquire a strong comprehension of your client’s business, audience, and objectives, you could wind up creating a design that is a masterpiece to take a look at, however totally pointless as far as their business aims and goals.

The discovery phase is the main stage of a project. The small pieces of information you get during this phase help your project boom. Do not assume anything about your client or force your innovative ideas. It is the time to raise queries and TUNE IN!

We ask a lot of questions to our clients; however, we would say these ten are the most significant in our process:

Question 1: “Portray your company from a 30k foot view?”

Clients tend to expect that their business and their brand are as recognizable to you as it is to them. It would be best if you heard their brand story in their own words.

Request for as much information about their business as possible. The next step is to get to know the client’s business market value and key competitors. List the services and products they offer and get some information about their mission and values.


Question 2: “Where do you see yourself and your company in 1, 5, 20 years?”

You need to understand where your client is going and what they desire to accomplish. Put resources into their vision with them and set out more open doors to innovatively achieve or enhance the designing process.


Question 3: “What is the greatest challenge you face as a company?”

As designers, we aren’t here to make things look pretty— we’ve to solve the problems. You should analyze how you can help your client through a plan and innovative ideas.

It’s critical to know the client’s business qualities and shortcomings. This also helps them begin to open up and give you some possible solutions for their brand


Question 4: “Portray your business in 5 single descriptive words?”

This where you begin to get a clear sight of the company’s personality. Is it true that they are expressive or genuine? Economical or lavish? Regularly referring back to these descriptors will help you during the designing process.


Question 5: “What functional and emotional benefits do you offer your customers?”

This answer will help you find out what makes the company extraordinary. It likewise reveals insight into the solutions they are providing to their customers. You will get to know if these solutions are saving time for their customers or be less stressed?


Question 6: “Why, What, How?”

The main question here is “The reason?” For what reason do they get up in the morning to do what they do? Why even bother? Here is the place where you’ll begin to discover the story that customers need to hear. 

This “Why?” helps and urges clients to think beyond their inclinations and begin contemplating their customers. 


Question 7: “Who’s your target audience?”

You’re not planning this project or designing only for your client. It needs to be connected emotionally with the website visitors and target audience; otherwise, they essentially will not utilize it.

Dig into their customer demographics, like their media consumption habits, slang words, and way of life decisions. What are their buying tendencies? How to bridge the gap between the current audience and the target market? The more you think about the end-users, the better you can decide the appearance, design, and layouts.


Question 8: “What are your customers saying about you? Great & Awful.”

If it’s a brand new start-up, you can ask, “What do you wish customers said? “

This is an extraordinary way to begin building up their brand’s informing. Let the client audits compose the copy for you. Acknowledge their qualities and what people see yet, besides, analyze what they could improve. That way, you can begin to take a look at any likely issues and discover solutions.

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Question 9: “Who are your competitors in the market? What are their plus points? And what are your benefits?”

Analyzing your client’s main competitors benefits you with another valuable source of information. Whenever they’ve demonstrated their market rivals, you can accumulate the knowledge to help in the designing process.

Take a gander at their designing elements. Your aim here isn’t to copy what’s been done previously, yet to gain from their victories and disappointments.

Requesting that your clients pay attention to the designs they do and don’t like on their competitor’s websites is another valuable pointer of your client’s preferences.

“Great design starts with a little Q&A.”

Remember that clients aren’t simply searching for an attractive design. They additionally need professional counseling, patience, and understanding. By asking the right client questions, understanding their desires, you can more likely fulfill your client’s requirements and give a pleasant encounter that’s worth acquiring again later on.

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