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6 Key Factors To Build An Effective Home Page Design

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Do you know what will be the first encounter that a visitor has with your business website? Your home page design.

Yes, that’s right! Your homepage is a kind of digital welcome sign that greets customers to your website. And putting a lot of effort into building an effective home page design leaves a good impression on your customers.

You know, in the offline world, that first impression can come from any source; meanwhile, in the digital world, there’s only one way- Homepage.

According to web design statistics 2021, 94% of users create their first impression of a website based on designing the site alone, and 48% of users believe that website design is the #1 factor when it comes to judging a business’s credibility.

Below we’ve discovered certain key factors that will help you compose an effective homepage:


1. Social Media Icons:

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Placing social media icons to your website increase the k-factor or virality of your business. It gives your visitors freedom to share your content or business with other people. Social media sharing helps your business to reach new people and make potential customers. 

Social sharing increases the reach of your brand and awareness. Along with adding social media icons, the position of icons also plays a vital role. Many companies place their icons either at the top or bottom of the website, making it difficult to find for users.

It would be best if you placed social media icons at the bottom of the homepage near the headquarters address or contact info and social sharing buttons on the left panel of your website.


2. Navigation Links:

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Make sure to place a link to the homepage on every page of your website. You should place the navigation links where a user expects to find them. User-friendly navigation plays a vital role in effective home page designing.

Browsing through your website should be user-friendly. A lousy navigation layout results in a bad user experience, and that user never comes back to that website. A well-designed homepage prioritizes simple navigation as designing menus with different contrast and color.  


3. Relevant Images:


relevant images for website, website design

You must have heard that a picture worth than thousand words, right? And it goes well with the homepage. You should include high-resolution and relevant images to your homepage. These images tell users what your website and business is all about.

Strong images do the work of thousand words of text, then why not use this for our benefit. A study says 65% of people are visual learners. They are more likely to learn from an image, graphic, or color rather than the text.


4. Include Breadcrumbs:

breadcrumbs, seo, web designing, web development

You must have heard the term breadcrumbs a lot in recent times. Breadcrumbs are the secondary navigation system that determines the user’s position on a website or web app.

Breadcrumbs improve the user experience on the website. A user can easily navigate from one page to another on your website. 

Also, breadcrumbs are an essential element of an SEO-friendly website. They encourage users to visit more pages on the website; thus, it lowers the bounce rate. 


5. Contact Information:

contact details, contact information, contact us page

You got to have contact information on your website. A website without the contact info is a waste of resources. Customers regularly have queries about services or products. By displaying the website’s contact details, you are making their life easier and offer them a better user experience.

Once on a business or company’s homepage, 64% of customers look for their contact details. Also, search engines never pull up a website that misses on the contact information.

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6. Sign Up Section:

sign up section, web designing, web development

It would help if you placed your sign-up section among the tabs at the top right corner so that your visitors are encouraged to get involved with your website. A sign-up section or an excellent call to action is where you want your visitors to focus their attention. It can be requested for more information, buy now, scheduling services, or subscribe now. 

A better call to action feature encourages visitors to spend more time on your website and lowers the bouncing rate. 

Build the best home page design for your website. Make sure to highlight the unique quality of your product and services.

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