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6 Tips To Get Started On Your Journey Of Becoming The Best Illustrator

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Are you good enough to portray your thoughts through your art or planning to start your journey of becoming a great illustrator?

If the answer is yes and the only thing stopping you is how to kickstart the journey, this article is just for you. 

Who is a best illustrator?

Before we get to the ways of becoming a great illustrator, we need to understand first who we can call the best illustrator.

Illustrative art is an art that speaks for itself. The prerequisite of becoming a good illustrator is to have the ability to make something that doesn’t need to be explained. A distinguished illustrator has a style that reflects his thoughts in a way no one else can. So, the best illustrator is the one whose art stands out from the rest.

Here we have some amazing tips that you’ll need to commence your profession and also help you to become the best illustrator that you can be.


1. Create your own style

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When it comes to illustrative art, there is no specific drawing or illustration technique, and it is not something that you can find in books or on the web. An illustration is highly personal and subjective. You see a thing, perceive its meaning, and use analogies to explain it.

Find a style that works for you, the one you find yourself comfortable with, and the one that explains your point of view because only then you would be able to make a unique illustration.

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2. Let your environment inspire you

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The best trait of an illustrator is that he takes inspiration from his surroundings. Many great illustrators claim how greatly drawing from direct observation works for them.

If you are a beginner, this trick can work for you as well because when you observe, there will be things that will catch your eye and help you when you draw your thoughts out on a paper.


3. Communicate 

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In very simple terms, illustration means giving a face to the text. The viewer should get a sense of understanding what you are trying to convey by just looking at your piece.

Words and drawings both can convey something but what differentiates them is that illustration can show things in a more compelling and simplified manner. Thus, the best illustrators can portray the essence of an idea through their work.


4. Map out the process

Drawing a great illustration can be cumbersome, especially when you have nothing to look up to. There’s a good chance that you might end up getting frustrated when things don’t turn out the way you thought they would.

To ease things up, one way is to plan out a roadmap that leads to your final destination. This helps to keep the objective in mind while still applying your style and creativity.

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5. Don’t rush towards perfection

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You can spend hours and sometimes even days drawing out the best that you can but still feel unsatisfied with the output. It’s normal to strive for perfection. But sometimes, it may happen that while rushing for perfection, you lose something good.

The best illustration is not perfect; it is something that can catch the eye. The only trick is consistency and an understanding that when you have just started, there’s a possibility that few sketches may fail.


6. Always explore and experiment

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The main characteristic of the best illustrator is that he does not stick with one single art form or the most convenient method. He develops his illustration skills over time through rigorous experimentation.

An artist should be able to constantly take up challenges and adapt himself as the project demands. He should always have an eye for detail and experiment with varied styles because persistent observation and analysis are key to developing a distinctive illustrative style.


Final Thoughts

These are just some tips that you should consider if you are on your way to giving the world of illustration a new artist. It is a vast field, and the most important thing is to have patience, consistency, and regularity.

You could start as a freelance illustrator and invest some time in practicing to boost up your skills.

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